A Strange Barcelona setting (7 similar pics, looking for best 2)

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Re: I'll just offer you my motivated thoughts on all, OK? (And then a conclusion)

RoelHendrickx wrote:

deuler wrote:

Yesterday was blustery and the sky was overcast. We decided to brave the elements for the sake of my photography habit (yes, she was being super patient in joining me on the expedition). I packed a flash (flr50) and a small soft box (the only one i have), my OMD + the Lumix 35-100 and a tripod + remote. We didn't stay out long, but did manage to take quite a few pics. The images below are my faves from the day. She isn't crazy about the setting while i thought it looked interesting in a dystopian way. I've lost my objectivity at this point am interested to hear what the Micro4/3 dp community thinks about the photographs: good ones, bad ones, crop, IQ, composition, lightroom use or abuse? input appreciated. thanks!

I wanted to write comments between the images but that did not work: I kept deleting the images.

So I"ll write my brief comments here, in order of the images below.

(1) good composition on the background, though the right building is dangerously close to the frame edge. People are clear, though it would have been a good idea to wear either darker or brighter clothes that do not blend in so much with the background. The green is a blessing.

(2) Same on the background, though not quite as close to the edge. That's better. Turning away from the camera creates more story : what are they looking at that is out there.

(3) OK, you joined them, and the group of kids walking between you and the camera is a fun factor, but they get in the way just too much.

(4) Same idea, but better : the passers-by add life without getting in the way (at least not of the three main people : the kid on the left side is a bit overpowering the leftside building). Three main subjects echo the three buildings. This is the best one so far.

(5) Another relationship of equal numbers : two persons and two buildings. Works well too. Getting down from the ledge has a benefit : there is no more cutting in half of the persons by the top of the railing. However, getting down from the ledge is not a real solution, because now the cutting-off happens at the knees. So: good try but no go.

(6) and (7) are variations of (2) and are better because of the three-three ratio. Of these two last ones, the first is the best because of the position of the heads of baby and wife : more separation.

I would go with (6) and (4) : threesome looking away and lonely and then looking at us and surrounded by life.

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Hi Roel,

Thank you for your astute and well articulated feedback. Your observations regarding composition and with regards to frame edges and building to subject ratios are clearly rational and appeal to a sense of logic which is difficult to refute. Narrative, on the other hand, is subjective - although i do agree with many of your points; 'green being a blessing', 'looking away from the camera', but most of all i appreciate the fact that you took the time to review the images and came to a final conclusion regarding which two images work the best and how they create a sense of story telling when paired. Your final statement was: "I would go with (6) and (4) : threesome looking away and lonely and then looking at us and surrounded by life."

Thanks again for taking the time to respond with such insightful commentary. I'd be happy to return the favour, keep me posted and do share your work. You can find me on Flickr at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidbuddenhagen/


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