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Re: For fun: read his EPl5 review...

Jorginho wrote:

He seems to be not nearly as critical towards the EPL5 as to compared to the Gh3. And that is my main point: he seems very biased. I am not saying this is on purpose, most people are not aware of their biases. I don't think he set out to debunk the Panny at all. But to me that was pretty much the result.

Well, they're two entirely different cameras. One is supposed to be a top-of-the-line pro or semi-pro model, and the other is a compact advanced consumer / enthusiast model.

I have to say that I still like the review as I like his photo's really a lot. He said he didn't like the Gh3. Okey: but he got some really nice shots with it anyways!

He did, indeed - the shots look quite nice.

He didn't get along with the camera - OK, no biggie. He's entitled to that opinion. Maybe he didn't give it enough time. Maybe he prefers something smaller. Doesn't really matter - if the camera doesn't appeal to him, that's what he should say in his review.

It obviously appeals to a number of other people. To be honest, it appeals to me - I believe I saw one out on the street a week or so ago, with the grip and a small prime attached.

Ah, it looked like a bull terrier or something Purely from a looks perspective, I found it attractive - like, so ugly and stubby that it starts looking cool again. Seriously not trying to diss the camera with this remark, either. I'm sure it's an outstanding camera. I don't need the GH3 as an additional body right now, even though it has a number of features that I find interesting and that I wish I had on my OM-D


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