? - 27" iMac vs Retina MBP as a desktop machine.

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Re: ? - 27" iMac vs Retina MBP as a desktop machine.

threeOh wrote:

If you are serious about video, speak to people who do it on Mac's. I used to do video and my son does video for bands. Year's ago I switched from a dual 1.87 Quicksilver to a 2.8 iMac. Benchmarks claimed the iMac was 3 times quicker and the hands down winner in every criteria. Right, rendering or encoding video on that old iMac was like watching grass grow.

The new iMac's are obviously faster, but when the old one was new, it was also supposed to be "faster".

Rendering video might have been slow, but compared to a dual quicksilver it will still be way faster. The performance difference in most real world scenarios was absolutely obvious when they switched to intel chips.

But video is always going to be demanding on the hardware. While computers get better and faster, the amount of data that needs to be processed has increased over the years too.

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