Ming Thein reviews the GH3

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For fun: read his EPl5 review...

Now Ihave the EPL5 and I have the Gh2.

Any remarks on the ergonomics of this cam? Any remarks on it not having an inbuilt flash. At the end we find something about the viewfinder but not in a critical way other than it would be nice (compared to the NEX).

When pointed to this he does not address the ergonomics of this cam which seems to be the biggest downside. I have a flash and an EVF both in a bag...Less than ideal. Now many many people have asked for a RF kind of cam. Essentially an EPL5 with EVF. But not a negative word on it by him.

The batterylife is  excellent if you moderatly use the LCD, according to him...Not my experience. batterylife is not excellent and the battery indicator is rather dumb because once it indicates it is not full but at 2/3s it is at less than 1/3 or so. Besides: how can I not use the LCD? I guess by using the EVF which adds 150 dollar or more to the costs (I have one) i think. I see no mention of this.
How are the knobs on the Olympus EPL5 not very small? The magnification is indeed 10 times. Now I do not use this feature too much, but 10 times is many times too much. 5 times and 10 times would have been better i think. He does not mention this.

The menu system is not fast nor intuitive to my mind, it is not bad either. I got used to it reasonably fast but like I said: after 5 months of almost continuous use the Gh2 menu seems much easier, more logic. Oke: rather personal.

The video of the EPl5 is 720 and 1080 or something and I don't think it is stablised. Compared to a G5 which costs the same it is rather lacklustre. Not a word there. G5 is cheaper than EPL5 btw, but has an EVF, has a built in flash, has a swiveling display, has an electronic shutter, has better ergonomics I think. Is the EPl5 not overly expensive for what it delivers you may ask? EPL5 just has better IQ in stills, I note the difference but the gap is just that: visible, I appreciate it but it is not a large gap.

He seems to be not nearly as critical towards the EPL5 as to compared to the Gh3.  And that is my main point: he seems very biased. I am not saying this is on purpose, most people are not aware of their biases. I don't think he set out to debunk the Panny at all. But to me that was pretty much the result.

I have to say that I still like the review as I like his photo's really a lot. He said he didn't like the Gh3. Okey: but he got some really nice shots with it anyways!

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