Ming Thein reviews the GH3

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Jorginho wrote:

It is normal for people to have different opinions, especially on fora. or at least I think so. I also noted that subjectivity is part of a review, point is that it is only subjectivity here.

Look, this is a question with an answer based on the modern history of journalism. Originally, we'd be talking about Book Reviews in newspapers or review journals, where it was totally accepted and expected for the reviewer to inject his opinion into the review.

Having a well-known bias against an author wasn't always a reason to keep a reviewer's opinions about one of the author's works out of print, either. You would, from time to time, even see 'review wars', wherein authors who disliked each other would spar in written form by writing reviews about each others' work.

The point is, the reader was to expect that the review would contain correct factual information, as well as opinion.

It was totally fine to disagree with a reviewer's opinions or conclusions, and that was often done. What wouldn't have made (and still doesn't make) sense is to complain that the reviewer is offering his opinion - that's what a review is all about.


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