Why use Pentax?

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Why use Canon or Nikon?

Why use any particular brand?

The simple answer is that there is no one perfect brand that will suit everyone and fill everyone's needs. So there are several brands that compete, and the produce various models that can be the ideal camera for someone... but not for everyone.

In my view... each brand has some unique features that could make it the right choice for someone:

  • Canon - makes nice cameras and lenses, easy to find at Walmart and Costco
  • Nikon - same as Canon, but has best flash system and AF system
  • Pentax - outstanding prime lenses, IBIS, weather sealed kit lenses
  • Sony - great video, innovates a lot, probably has no other choice
  • Olympus - IBIS, great jpegs, and really neat M4/3 system
  • Panasonic - M4/3, with lens based IS, and makes very nice lenses
  • Fuji - very nice cameras and lenses with faux Leica look at 1/4 the price
  • Sigma - interesting cameras with a unique sensor design. Probably a cult
  • Samsung - offers good value in small high quality cameras
  • Leica - absolutely the best lenses, and a form of jewelry for rich doctors

I'm not a Pentax user, but I admire their cameras and lenses. They make some very nice gear, with some very nice features and offer pretty good value. The K5 and the K30 are both class leaders.  Frankly, I'm surprised they don't have a larger market share. But it probably should be noted that BMW and Porsche have a pretty small  market share too... so market share doesn't necessarily mean "best quality."

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