Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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Re: Exposure Basics, lesson three?

RoelHendrickx wrote:

This thread is not so much a continuation, as a relativation of a previous thread that goes into the technicalities of correct exposure:´╗┐


While it is important to know and apply the basics of (correct) exposure´╗┐, the only thing I want to say is that the technicalities have a relative value, and emotional impact has another value.

Let me just illustrate that with two incorrectly exposed images.



As has been pointed out, it's impossible to tell without looking at the raw file. But, you could have had more exposure. You're using 1/125, which doubtless you felt you needed with the FL you were using but it's not a fast moving subject, so maybe you could have used a slower shutter speed if you'd used a support or some IS. But then you haven't got critical sharpness on the face anyway, since you focussed on the microphone. In a way, this is a case of a capture that slightly missed it, with a rescue going on in processing, so it's relevance to the question of whether 'exposure' means the tonality of a photo given a fixed processing chain or whether it means the light density at the sensor on capture is moot.

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