D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

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Re: I find it less than credible because...

SethG wrote:

I've talked with a number of Nikon reps over the last few months (at store events and CES) and the ones I've established some kind of rapport with would always say "They never tell us anything until right before or at the public announcement. And even if I *did* know something, I wouldn't be allowed to tell you."

The D600 has been out for six months. There's no way they'd have a true replacement camera out already. If they started engineering a "fix" model on the first day that oil/dust problems started appearing, they'd STILL be 6-12 months from a releasable product.

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Agreed! I would rather expect a D610 for Photokina next year which gets all the goodies the D7100 has got now. And I'm quite confident my D700 will serve me well in the meantime

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