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Re: My problem with this review is: it is an opinion stated as facts.

Jorginho wrote:

The first alinea has some faulty logic. So because DxOmark is the same, the Panasonic has tough match. Is the EPM2 giving the OMD some sort of competition? The same logic would apply. Also: the reviewwas published on 17th March. A serious review can be expected to name the correct price. He addsthis, but continous it seems to compare on the basis of the much higher price he originally quoted, I don;t understand the batterygrip remark. He did not even exhaust the standad battery. reviewshave shown this is no exception,the basic battery seems to last quite long.

Now what am I to think of a reviewer that states that he actually did not shoot much with it because he didn't like to. Seems like you need to do this to get acquainted with a cam enough to make a valid comparison with others you used a lot more.

GH-series is aimed for foto AND video. He lacks knowledge here when he compares it to an OMD. So how can he evaluate the price/performance ratio when he is not able to assess half of what the camera is meant for in use?

He constantly makes absolutistic statements on what clearly are subjective opinions. I prefer Michael Reichmanns approach more,in which he makes clear many times it is his opinion.

I read his review on the Oly f1.8 17 mm lens and disagreed on points and had the same conclusion then that I have now: he is an acomplished shooter, knows how to write well and has a well designed site by my standards. However: the content to my mind leaves a lot to be desired. A review like this is of little value to get an objective view on this camera I think. In large part due to the preference and the resulting lack of ambition by the reviewer. If this was a paid job, I guess I would wan him that he would be fired because a serious reviewer cannot get a way with: didn't like so I just took a few shots...

I have an EPL5 and a Gh2 btw.

I can't see where his review puts opinion as facts. In fact, a review is by its nature (opposite to a "test") always something personal.

Mr. Theins review is of big value, because he points out the strengths of the camera, but does not neglect the negatives as so many reviewer do. I have seldom seen such a balanced review about the GH3.

Potential buyers now are able to check, if the good sides of this camera are enough to accept the negative points. Especially, they are advised to pay attention to the view finder.

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