Brand New JVC GC-PX100B Procision Full-HD Ueber-Camcorder

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Re: Canon 10x zoom lenses for Lumix GH3 videography

Francis Carver wrote:

rialcnis wrote:

Looks like a nice camcorder and has style, at a good price, but without interchangeable lenses I wouldn't want one. The GH3 is more fun.

Ha-ha-ha-ha, that is exactly why I would want the JVC Procision for -- because of its lens perfectly matching the camera. There isn't a single cine-style or video-style lens in the Micro 4/3 format line-up -- none. They have some pretty neat single focal lenses, but pro video people cannot do much with those, they must have zooms, and zooms with a little better than 2.5x or 3x zooming ranges. Now, some of the M4/3 zoom have a small servo motor in them for power zooming, that is great, but really, that does not make them a pro-class cine lens or video lens, right?

And seriously, how many people do you know who will pay over $44,000 for a new Canon cine-style 10x zoom range lens -- just so they can buy a lens mount adapter and park it front of a $1,300 GH3 camera body?

Good quality Canon 10x zoom lenses for Lumix GH3 videography

There are cheaper cine zooms or rental.  You aren't suggesting this new camera you want will be as good as a 44,000 dollar lens.  With the GH3 you have a large choice of pana and oly primes and zooms a pair of f0.95  Voigtlanders and a couple SLR Magics and various ebay bargains to adapt.  Give it a little time and m4/3 we will get the cine zooms.  In the meantime a lot can be done with the GH3 and it's  50 and 72mbps bitrates.   I think real pro cinema quality is attainable with the GH3.  I've had mine only 2 weeks and haven't done much with it yet, but what I have done with just the Oly 12-50 looks very nice.  I've seen some very good movies made with it people have posted online.

My OMD also makes excellent video as well but only 28mbps---although it could possibly get a firmware update to boost the bitrate, and people are claiming they are working on hacks for it.   Were that to happen it could be even better then the GH3 because of the IBIS in the body.

Pana fans are probably going to hack the GH3 as well and who knows what they will achieve.  A hacked GH2  would be a better choice then a fixed lens camcorder that will never give pro results.  If this new camcorder is hacked maybe it could do better bitrate too,, but then you are  forever, creatively  limited by the fixed lens.

Seems to me you'd really be settling for much less with a fixed lens camcorder for $$999.00

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