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Re: Understand your reasons, I read a review of the best Nikon lenses

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dave gaines wrote:

My post above was all about the added cost of abandoning Olympus and buying into Nikon APS-C. And the upgrade path for Nikon is an expensive D600, D800 or D4, with a whole new set of fast, f/2.8 lenses. If the OP buys DX format lenses that are designed for APS-C , comparable to the Olympus kit lenses he has now, then he'll have to replace those DX lenses when and if he wants to upgrade to full frame.

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... With regards to lens quality, i think the continuing investment by Canon, Nikon, Sigma and Tamron is leading to better quality lens at more affordable prices, when did olympus last make an SLR lens in the 4/3s mount?I get the impression that for olympus to survive in this market they are going to have to put their available resources into the micro 4/3s and pen market.

... I only have about $1200 invested in oly lens which have served me well over the last 5 years and have provided me with great shots of my family and places i have visited, so i think even if i do sell them it would have been a good investment. I want a new body and think that the D7100 is better than the E5 and costs less. ...

Hi CHris,

Sorry if you were offended. We do get posts every week from people who create a bogus login name just to rant against Olympus cameras. Some of it is outright flame baiting intended to anger people here and start an argument about the merits of 4/3. I do apprecate your sticking with this thread and responding with your thoughts and reasoning.

I understand what you said about shooting with the same camera as everyone else in your local camera club. That might be a good reason for you to sswitch brands. I don't imagine a lot of people are going to be willing to loan you their fragile lenses to try on your camera. You may get to shoot with them once in while when you're with them. But it's not like you're suddenly going to have a whole new set of lenses to learn on.

I think it doesn't matter what other people are shooting with. The most important concepts of photography can be learned on any decent DSLR. The concepts are the same and can be applied to any camera. True, some cameras, like a FF Nikon D800 or Canon 5D mkIII might make it possible to shoot in a few low light settings you can't shoot with Olympus 4/3 (yet) but other than rare occasions, you can find ways to accomplish most any shot with your 4/3 gear.

The lenses are going to make the biggest difference in your ability to shoot in difficult settings or achieve specific creative results. So far it sounds like you have 3 SG kit lenses and the HG 50 mm f/2. Your $1200 investment in camera and lenses is going to fetch you maybe $700 on the used market. More than half of that will come from that fabulous 50 mm f/2 macro lens. That will buy you one good new Nikon lens.

The E-5 will cost less than the D7100 as soon as they release a new Oympus DSLR later this year. Right now one of your best options is still to buy a used E-620, E-30, E-3 or E-5 and use the lenses you have until you can afford those HG lenses. Olympus released the 14-35 f/2 since I bought the E-3 a few years ago. They have 20 great lenses that cover the entire focal range in 3 levels of image quality; SG, HG and SHG.

I know you're looking at the D7100 and it seems like this season's best choice of camera bodies in it's price range. To understand the lenses you'll need it's worth reading a news/review story linked here on depreview about the Nikon D800. It links to a review of the D800 and the best Nikon lenses on DxOMark. Since the full frame cameras are the logical upgrade path for Nikon or Canon shooters, it's worth reading to see what lenses work best on that format. And Canikon could easily phase out APS-C in favor of full frame as cameras like the D600 become available and dilute the market for APS cameras like the D7100. Then every APS camera owner will have to upgrade those less expensive DX and slow lenses.

This all relates to your comparison to Olympus because the HG lenses you need for great results with Olympus cost less than the lenses you'll need for the D7100 and much less than for anything for a FF camera.

"Announced in 2012, the Nikon D800 is the current undisputed king of DxOMark, with results that eclipse every other camera from all other manufacturers. However, with so much resolution on tap, the question is, which lenses should you use to make the best of what you’ve got? The DxOMark labs have tested 61 different lenses on the D800 to bring you an unparalleled resource of which lenses are best and which should be avoided. To make it easy to follow, we have broken the reviews down into sections so you can concentrate on the lenses that are important to you. This first section will give you an overview of the D800. We will follow this with a review of the standard focal length lenses, then the telephoto lenses and super-zooms and finally there will be a wide-angle review."

Here's the story that describes the best lenses for Nikon. I think you'll be surprised that some of the best lenses for Nikon are Sigma and what those cost.

And another related story in the same series, a comparison of the Nikon D800 to the D3x, showing that unless you have the best lenses, you can't reap the benefits of a better sensor. The story is a bit technical but it's short and you can get the jest of what they're trying to say. It may mean that to get the most out of a D7100 you'll need to spend much more on lenses than you have already with Olympus.

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Hi Dave,

No worries about the previous comments, i wasn't offended and realised that perhaps i didn't really make a good case for what i wanted comments on. I have been following this forum for a long time and have not been good at being interactive enough, sometimes due to time but mainly due to the fact that my technical expertise is lacking and what i want to know i can normally find by searching. I have started to post some of my pictures and have started to enter competitions to push myself to find the time to get better at photography.

I really appreciate the information and the time taken to provide it. There is a lot a great information there and i have by no means made up my mind what i will do though as i mentioned i would like to make the next step up and my impending birthday seems like the best opportunity. I am lucky that i am using my new skills to take pictures of our family so my wife seems quite tolerant of the occasional investment to improve my skills, in fact we had one professional photoshoot done where they charge $300 per 8x10 picture so a couple of grand in new equipment might pay for itself, least that is my argument...



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