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Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Sounds like a purchase might be imminent, there, MW :^)

Maybe yes, maybe no.  As I dig in farther with CNX2 the banding is beginning to appear at around 11 stops down, and is present at higher ISOs as well.  It is quite clear that the D7100's imaging chain is not as utterly clean as the D7000's, but it certainly is clean enough; the question is what was traded for what, and why could Nikon not continue with the Sony sensors in its consumer DX line.  What is clear is that the very best IQ, both in terms of bulk characteristics and spatial characteristics, is obtained with their FX cameras.  The D7100 is a really nice camera to hold and use.  It isn't as shoot and forget as the D7000; another poster likened it to a 24MP D300 (though with greatly extended DR): get the exposure right, and it's dynamite.  But it won't tolerate severe underexposure like the D7000 will.

Once I reconcile this bit of giving with the right hand and taking with the left that Nikon loves to engage in, I'll move on to a buy decision.  But it does seem that a better midrange zoom is in the offing if I do.  Something like the new Sigma 17-70 "C" HSM f2.8-4.0 sounds pretty good.

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