Can Oly really compete with FF?

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Re: Can Oly really compete with FF?

Hi Jeepit,

I have both Canon 5D MK2 and Olympus E5 camera. I give mu opinion based on my experience.

Both cameras have their strength and weakness. It depends on you how to use them to fit your style. It is like compare dog and cat which one is better. And you will get endless answers.

I will commend base on pure FF and 43 camera, not branding.

FF advantage;

1) High ISO.

2) High MP.

3) Shallow DOF

4) Bright OVF. This is very important to make you easy to compose and get better point of view, particular get a best moment in portrait shooting.

5) When you shoot FF camera, it give you the feel of film camera, particularly DOF.

All FF disadvantages will be advantage of 43 camera.

43 camera advantage.

1) Sharp picture from center to corner.

2) Less vignetting and distortion at corner.

3) High DOF which is benefit in case of wide open, low light shooting that need high DOF.

My story starts with Canon 5D MK2. Before I bought 5D MK2, I test many APSC camera and say no. It is only FF camera. I am very happy with 5D MK2. However there are some points. Jpeg files cannot be used or not good enough, all pictures are needed to processed from RAW files to get IQ I want. The RAW files size is big and they consume my HDD very fast. My 6 TB HDD RAID1 full very fast.

I am interested in Olympus by Jpeg file and Olympus color rendering. I prefer Olympus color rendering more than Canon (this is personal preference, it does not mean Olympus is better than Canon). Then I think that I can have Olympus E5 as my second camera. If I am not serious, I will shoot with Olympus but if I am serious and want to get the best IQ, I will shoot with 5D MK2.

Please be noted that my Canon lens are L-series 24-70mm F2.8 and leica R lenses. And All my Olympus lens is SHG (7-14mm, 14-35mm, 35-100mm and 150mm) and Pana-leica 25mm.

My expression with Olympus E5;

1) Very sharp pictures. If you zoom in 100% view, it is sharper than 5D MK2. I think that its effect is from less AA filter. And Olympus SHG lens is very sharp, I will give credit as near to Leica sharpness.

2) More 3D view and life like picture. I give Olympus credit on this color style rendering over Canon. Canon is good as butter smooth feel.

3) Image stabilizer in camera body. I love this function however I don't have experience with Canon image stabilizer lens.

4) For me, 12 MP file is big enough for me. I love to shoot more pictures to get a best moment of portrait shooting. Now I have no worry about HDD and very faster to process in computer. It saves a lot of my time, compared to 5D MK2 RAW files process. I think that I am very happy shooting now.

For weakness of 43 camera,

1) High ISO. I limit E5 at ISO 1600. If I use it as ISO 1600 with F2 lens wide open and enough DOF. It is same IQ of 5D MK2 at ISO 6400 and F2.8. But FF camera at F2.8, the DOF is not enough. I always shoot at F4. It is par for me between 5D MK2 and E5 with F2 lens but 5D MK2 has 1 stop reserve to go for ISO 6400 with F2.8.

I wish new E7 or new 43 camera to have good ISO at 3200 or 6400. It will be excellent to shoot with F2 lens with enough DOF.

2) High MP, this will have benefit, if you need to print big picture. But for me it means sharp picture which I am more focus on less AA filter or no AA filter to get sharp picture, not high MP.

3) Shallow DOF or Butter smooth bokeh.

Olympus SHG lens gives enough smooth bokeh for me. I can live with it.

4) Bright OVF.  The E5 OVF is good enough for me.

Only one thing that E5 cannot give me is that the feel of film camera. But I am moving forward to DSLR, not film camera.

I am happy with 43 camera and don't miss FF camera, just hope to get better 1-2 stops of ISO. It is okay for me.

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