D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

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New shutter is not an "s" revision

Dcjones wrote:

I was talking to a Nikon sales rep. today that seems to know some inside info on the goings on with the D600.

Reps at that level know nothing. You're describing a decision that won't be known outside of Japan at this point in time.

He thinks that Nikon is going to sweep the current dust issue under the rug by replacing the D600 with an "upgraded" D600S model that will be announced soon.

Not an uncommon practice.

That will fix the dust issue but have some upgrades to "save face" like the CAM3500, and 1/8000 shutter speed.

That makes no sense, at all. It doesn't leave enough differentiation with the D800.

Shutters aren't "plug and play" replacements, either. You're describing a bigger shutter, which means an entire new body, everything rearranged to accommodate it. I imagine that the wider pattern cam is the same way, won't just fit a d600 body, needs everything retooled.

This will make the new camera be distinctly different than the old D600 so they can quietly discontinue the D600. They will then keep the D600S at the same price drop the old D600 price to clear the stock and then discontinue them.

Nikon is known for letting the channel run dry naturally before launching new models, with the occasional muckup like the j1 and v1.

It seems that they can not fix the issue with dust in current D600.

Really? There seem to be a lot of people getting it fixed. Simple running change, I'd imagine.

Even the new units are experiencing the issues even after they acknowledged that it is prone to "dusting." There is obviously a design flaw that precludes a simple fix.

Such as? People who actually know what they're doing say that it's not an incureable design flaw, just a materials choice issue, probably the lubricant.

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