Canon 5D MK II --- used with 90,000 shutter clicks?

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Re: You forgot one vital extra bit of info

JohnMatrix wrote:

mariadc wrote:

Hmmm. That's a little high, isn't it? I've never bought used before and wanted another opinion before walking away. Thanks.

(Edited to add: I'm currently shooting with a 30D and looking to move up.)

How much is it?

A new shutter will cost you about $250-300, so it's not rocket science to work out if you're paying too much compared to a camera body with only a few thousand clicks.

If it's $1500 then I'd walk away but if its $500 then I'd risk it.

If you are in the US, a new shutter is $400 now with shipping and everything (1dsii). Just so you know the canon price. : )

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