Coolpix A price drop to $899.00 at Best Buy USA...

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Re: Coolpix A price drop to $899.00 at Best Buy USA...

Nikonworks wrote:

Your reply indicates you have no idea of what I am posting about.

It also suggests you are taking things a bit too seriously.

What I was posting is the D7100 body costs far more to manufacture than the 'A' camera with its lens.

It is not my 'opinion', it is a fact. Just look at the parts on the table.

The 'A' is over priced by any reasonable measure.

I have said nothing about the quality nor merits of these cameras, only the high pice of the 'A'.

Thanks for your reply.

Hi there,

As other members here have mentioned, it is not always about total cost of parts or manufacturing costs in most circumstances. I am not refuting the fact that the Coolpix A may be overpriced at this stage of time since it is an all-new model that is following the trend of "small compacts with large sensors" appeal. Almost any smaller compact with a large sensor will sell for a premium these days, mainly due R&D, developments and/or limitations in the design to come up with a small compact which offers almost similar IQ or performance to a larger DSLR.

The price will eventually come down. It's just a matter of time, and as more camera manufacturers offer more of these similar compacts to the market, more competition will bring down the price even lower.

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