Newbie to DSLR's, looking for a flash - Sony a57

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Re: Newbie to DSLR's, looking for a flash - Sony a57

I picked up a new (discontinued) Sigma 530 with HSS for $100 couple of months ago on Ebay (shipping included). Guy was selling a bunch of them for $150 "OBO". So, I offered $100. Accepted. Nice flash. Powerful enough. Tilt, swivel, remote, high speed sync. I'm seeing various Sigma 610's on for just over $100. Given the features it offers, I'd say this one is pretty damn hard to beat. You can get a Sony flash, and that's great, and they're build better, but if you only use it once in a while, you might have a hard time justifying spending like $250, $300, $350+ even. Personally I think Sony is out to lunch of flash prices. It's not rocket science for crying out loud...

Beware with Sigma's though. The newer (newish) ones are perfectly Sony compatible, but some of the older ones (eg. when buying used), just like with some of the Sigma lenses, aren't 100% compatible. The box will indicate that it is compatible with the Sony digital cameras, and it will mention "ADI". That's another thing. Yet, those Sigma 530/610s will do distance integration (ADI). Speaking of distance, they have a motorized zoom as well. The camera tells the flash what zoom level your lens is at. So long as the flash is not pointed upwards, the flash will them zoom a focusing lens in front of the flash to create the right focused flash beam. It's quite precise. I tested this using a fish-eye lens, and then manually zooming the flash. All those zoom flashes do that obviously, but I was just amazed what they come up with...

Here's one:

Reputable seller too. 47st... New, warranty, unlikely to give you any trouble, and it's got all the frills. pretty damn good deal I think.

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