Real-life images of X100S in Vietnam

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Did I miss something?

Where are the pic's?

Well what is your secret?  I have spent a lot of time in Vietnam (my fiance is there), taking pic's for my website and teaching at IWEP Language school.  It is the most frustrating place in the universe to shop for cameras or buy anything.  They gingerly hand over the camera like it is gold plated.  All the while they are glaring at you with the blackest most miserable face imaginable.   Talk about ruining the nice experience of wanting to offload the hard-earned spondoolicks.  You cannot put a lens on the camera, you cannot fire off a few shots, you cannot walk out the door to look up the street through the imaginary lens.   Total opposite of shopping for a camera here in Australia.

It is a shocking experience shopping for anything in Vietnam.  Even my Fiance - who is Vietnamese - is treated the same.  They are used to it so means nothing for her - but for a New Zealander, it is really unnerving.  They need some lessons in setting up a nice ambiance to make customers feel welcome.  A few smiles and friendlessness would go a long way - instead of the 1,000 yard stare.

How the hell you pulled off actually getting one out of the shop and using it - without paying for it - must be the greatest miracle of the week.

Mine has arrived at camera Electronic in Perth, will pick it up next week.  Try and get your photos up here so we can have a look - am very interested to see your Vietnamese pic's.  Thanks for posting!


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