D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

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Ahhhh... I fund that less than believable...

I really have not followed the issue, but I would strongly suspect that the problem with the D600 oil spots has very little to do with a design issue, but a manufacturing process issue.

Simply rolling a new design is not likely to solve that issue - unless the current design is simply too difficult to manufacture.   If that were true, then an engineering design change would be one method to deal with it.

The big BUT here is that the engineering design change would need to be really big.  So big as to essentially be significant enough to call it a new model, as you allude to.

That would be hugely expensive and engineers would be hard pressed by management to make any changes as small as possible so as to not drastically impact profits.  That's simply how the industry works.

Abandoning the current design would be a huge financial loss before the NRE has been paid for, then encountering new NRE costs on top of that would really suck the profit out of the model.

Finally, there is the issue with what to do with all the cameras out in the field that are under warranty.  If you do not have a fix for the problem you are left with giving the customer a replacement camera and destroying the old one.  Again, highly unprofitable.

For a new model that is less than one year old it is simply too early to obsolete it.

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