D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

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Re: D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

Dcjones wrote:

I was talking to a Nikon sales rep. today that seems to know some inside info on the goings on with the D600.

He thinks that Nikon is going to sweep the current dust issue under the rug by replacing the D600 with an "upgraded" D600S model that will be announced soon. That will fix the dust issue but have some upgrades to "save face" like the CAM3500, and 1/8000 shutter speed. This will make the new camera be distinctly different than the old D600 so they can quietly discontinue the D600. They will then keep the D600S at the same price drop the old D600 price to clear the stock and then discontinue them.

It seems that they can not fix the issue with dust in current D600. Even the new units are experiencing the issues even after they acknowledged that it is prone to "dusting." There is obviously a design flaw that precludes a simple fix.

You quote a Nikon sales rep who "seems to know", but then everything you say is what he "thinks". That means it's an opinion, and not necessarily an informed one. The hypothesis offered by this sales rep defies logic. Nikon has a design flaw with the D600 (oil spots) that can't be fixed, so it makes more financial sense for Nikon to come up with a completely new camera - the D600S - which required a complete re-design of the camera and a re-tooling of the assembly line? And then Nikon is going to throw a couple of extra features in so the sheeple don't confuse the D600S with the D600.

Okay, I can say that we've officially gone over the deep end.

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