Newbie to DSLR's, looking for a flash - Sony a57

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Re: Newbie to DSLR's, looking for a flash - Sony a57

mick232 wrote:

Six7One wrote:

Awesome! I was rummaging around and came across these two:


A little over budget. But not bank breakers.
If this were IT related stuff it would be so much easier.

These are very good flash units. But consider: the Sony flash hot shoe has recently changed. Your A57 is still using the old hot shoe, the new A58 and all future cameras will have a new hot shoe. If you invest in an expensive flash unit now, you will always have to use it with an adapter once you buy a new camera.

Instead, you might want to buy a mid-range flash such as the Metz 48 or 50 AF-1 now and buy a high-end flash later on (if you need it and if updated units with new hot shoe are available).

Thank you. That's good information. We keep stuff forever it seems. Our newest camera before we bought the a57 in Hong Kong last summer was a Canon G10 (because our Coolpix 900 was kaput). With less than 500 pictures through it, I am hopeful she will last a while. *Fingers Crossed*

With that said, I pulled the trigger on the nissin 866 because it was close my budget. My friend  who has the Metz 58 and really likes the secondary flash. But I was not going to go over by anymore than I had.

I dunno. LOL... he trusts me when it comes to networking and IT related crap.

This community rocks!
Thank you all.

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