Why use Pentax?

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mistermejia wrote:

Some have said here that they really like their pentax and would not switch, "although their pentax camera frustrates them". What is it that Pentax causes you to feel frustrated??


Also i have read that Pentax flash system is not the greatest. What exactly does that mean? i don't do studio work and really don't use multiple flashes, just my mounted one, can someone provide more detail what it means by a not so great flash system vs. Nikon?

Bounced flash on the K-5 and K-5II using PTTL is not very reliable - the camera tends to overexpose under certain conditions. One solution is to get a flash with an Auto facility like the Metz 58 AF.

Is the AF slow/inacurate in this cameras? Is there backfocusing experiences with K5II?

AF on the K-5 II is more accurate than previous Pentax dSLRs. In low light AF is considered to be best in class.

I have not had to micro adjust the AF on any of my lenses with the K-5 II.

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