D800E for Sports

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Re: D800E for Sports

I don't have an "E" but do have the D800 and D4 and shot a fair amount of sports.

The D4 is better. Period. But it's not as much better as many may make out. I think you gain about a stop in noise, and the 10fps is a LOT of help.

But if I had to chose a single camera ... that's a lot tougher decision. The D800, especially in good light, has much more dynamic range, and you can salvage more shadow detail without blowing highlights than with the D4. And of course more resolution for tighter crops or large enlargements.

Here's one from a D4 and one from a D800. Care to guess which is which? Both are F2.8, ISO 6400, look before hovering to see the EXIF.

I usually use the D800 for longer shots, ones requiring less timing, so in hoops it has a longer lens for down court, and the D4 has a short lens (e.g. 50 or 85) for under-the-basket. The extra frame rate helps a lot to give nice choices in the bursts, but the quality of the images is pretty close. I get a bit higher shutter speed in the D4 because I can push the ISO a bit further.

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