D300s vs D7100 - is it about spec or is it about handling?

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Re: It was a lot cheaper to change to the latest film

Robert Cohen wrote:

>> When I was using 35mm film cameras the only time I upgraded my body (camera) was when one got damaged or ceased working. All the money went into improved lenses.


Today the improvements in the sensor and related electronics - the functional equivalent of film - are made in new models of the hardware, you can't just buy a few rolls of the latest and greatest film.

With film you were paying extra for quality because you knew the body would transfer to the next, better film. Lenses even more so. It has to make you wonder how worthwhile it is to buy the latest and greatest (with attendant premium) when the same sensor is going to appear in an entry level body, for less than 1/2 the price, 6 months from now.

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