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Re: No, jules

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57even wrote:

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TheWoodMaven wrote:

US trails UK in NOTHING. In your dreams.

Actually.... The US trails the UK in:

  • Assault victims.
  • Drug Crimes.
  • Rape victims.
  • Violent crimes.
  • Fear of walking when it's dark.
  • Etc....


Phud, you are being incredible anal today, What's got into you? You need a drink. Just one, I won't accuse you of being an alcoholic, promise. It might just get you to loosen up a bit. You seem stressed out today.

If Phud believes nationmaster, there's no hope for him.

Yeah, better to believe a couple of British drunks on an internet forum...

Find me a Global Statistics site that shows I'm wrong on any one of those.

C'mon.... just one.

What is all this stuff about drunks? Are you drunk Phud????? Nah, probably a member of some religious cult who don't allow alcohol.

He must be drunk, I have posted statistics from the UN and other sources which he never bothered reading.

True, there are some people I rarely bother reading, but after seeing this post I went back to actually read your previous posts. stats... from the UN or the "other sources".

Which tells me, you'd rather just lie and deflect than actually find any source that counters what I posted.

Or more likely... you tried hard  ; )

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