Leaving DSLR - pros and cons of X-E1 vs OM-D EM-5

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Re: Leaving DSLR - pros and cons of X-E1 vs OM-D EM-5

well, good try , but onething I must disagree here is the DOF issue.

the fastest prime that the Fuji has right now is just f1.4 , while the OM-D has f0.95 primes, so there is no DOF issue with the Oly.

and many many wideopen freaks say shallow DOF is better but in many cases in real life naturally deeper DOF of the OM-D makes it better for street or product shooting.

for example , if Fuji needs f2 , 1/30th at ISO800 to get decent DOF , Oly only needs f1.4, 1/60th at ISO400 to get identically good DOF, plus Oly has 5 stop-IS , so actually in real life handheld photography , the OM-D is better even in IQ.

and Oly has 2 great Panasonic constant f2.8 zooms , Fuji has nothing similar to the 35-100f2.8 or 12-35mm OIS.

plus the OM-D has much better video mode than the crappy video of the Fuji.

so for me RX1(or X100s)+ OMD + Nikon D800 make the best kit.

now I am debating the X100s vs the RX1 and I think the X100s is a great cam but the X-E1 has too many minor issues and its poor lens selection makes it out of my interest.

but honestly I think APS-C is now doomed , most of us who really care about image quality go FF or FX and when we shoot candid or street , I think there is no better camera than the RX1 or the OM-D.

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