Is DXO Right - D800 only 2-3 mp more than D600

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Re: Is DXO Right - D800 only 2-3 mp more than D600

A Owens wrote:

Can this be right? If so what is the constraint? Why are the extra MP not counting for much?

We need the techies on this one!
Alistair Owens

>possibly only 2 MP gap than the D600 which reportedly has a very light AA filter. No numbers for the 800e.

I have all 3 D800E , D800 and D600 and I strongly disagree , the D800 and the D800E are very similar except the D800E is a bit better in extreme lowlight and a bit sharper in f4-5.6 range with an extremely good prime like the 85f1.4G , the 85f1.8G, the Zeiss 25f2ZF2 or the Sigma35f1.4HSM.

The resolution difference between the D800 vs the D600 is quite big , even the 1.2X crop mode of the D800 is better than the D600 at print level.

And always remember resampling the D800 file at 24.3 mp to make it the same size as the D600 file possibly makes the D800 quite much sharper than the D600 even at 100 percent pixel level.

I resample my D800 files most of times with CS6(Iuse DXO8 and then export all files to CS6) and I think it is quite good.

To be honest, if I were buying one FX camera right now , I 'd get a normal D800 , not the E , the resolution advantage of the E is exaggerated at best, it is not much better and even when it is slightly better, it can only be visible in  aperture range of  F4-F5.6  with a super sharp lens(if you use a lousy or a just good lens , you will never see it).

So IMHO, the E is overpriced and extremely overrated but both the D800 and the D600 are good value bodies.

Finally, if you also shoot video , then get the normal D800 , not the E or the D600 , the D800E has severe moire issue in video and the D600 video mode is really simple , no real manual control and no aperture control in LV ,etc are big issues for serious video shooter.

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