Any one tried DX mode on D800 with tele lens?

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Re: Any one tried DX mode on D800 with tele lens?

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I have a 70-300mm VR lens. With my D800, would there be much difference if I shoot at 300mm on DX mode compared to FX mode and crop the picture afterwards? Comments and sample shots would be appreciated, thanks.

Compared to FX, DX mode gives you less DR. May not be that important in your scenario.

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DX crop mode on a D800 has the same DR as FX mode using the same camera. DX is a CROP MODE - that's why it's called "crop mode". It does not use a DX sensor, there is only one sensor in the D800 - that's a full frame high dynamic-range (DR) FX sensor.

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AZblue, I have a D800 and I think it is an amazing camera but the dynamic range like noise is related to the size of the output image. For a DX frame this needs to be magnified  more or minimised less than one from the FX frame to produce a same size output image. This reduces the dynamic range by around 1stop. Dxofound the same when testing the D800 and produced DR graphs forthe Fx and for the DX frame. They are different.

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