Is DXO Right - D800 only 2-3 mp more than D600

Started Mar 17, 2013 | Discussions thread
sunnycal Regular Member • Posts: 147
Yes. Perceptually, D800 is only marginally better than D600

Look at the pictures takes from D600 and D800 taken under identical conditions. Do you see any difference? For that matter, compare pictures from any two DSLRs, do you see any resolution difference?

For most normal viewing/print sizes, D800 images are only marginally sharper than D600, or D700. It is not the fault of camera or sensor. Our eyes can only see that much detail  and all the extra resolution hidden in D800 (or Medium Format) files is not visible. Add to that the printing/display technology is designed to cater to normal human acuity, the prophecy becomes self fulfilling. We don't display/print more than our eyes can see, but our eyes can't see what is not printed/displayed.

As you start printing bigger and bigger, the higher resolution images will begin to pull ahead and the difference will be greater.

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