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timewaster wrote:

blakninja wrote:

timewaster wrote:

thanks guys.

D Cox,

thanks for your critique. I did not notice that!

I went to Vietnam and there's so much things to capture over there, i'm sure you have more interesting shots then these? Can we see?


would you mind showing your pics?

I'm curious to see how you were able to capture vietnam.

Back then I didn't have a camera, I went back there with a point and shoot, and my family told me to not take photos in the street because they'll steal my camera. I was too young and dumb and listened to them so I only took family photos.

But I've seen so much stuffs that could've made nice photograph.. I just didn't have a cam on me most of the time, or too scared to pull it out. If I come back, I'll just snap away.

I remember seeing two little kids (about 5 to 8 y.o.), the older holding the younger, crossing a friking busy street of scooters and you see a truck coming towards. They just kept their calm, put the hand out, crossed slowly in the middle of chaos.

Lots of interesting city life scenes. I'll try to dig up some photos see what I got..

Here's some noob p&s shots, nothing artistic:

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