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... I have tried and failed to find banding in the nearly light-trap black shadows of the outdoor scenes I shot; this was with +2 stops EC and full D-lighting applied. ISO 100-200 was pulling details out of the gloom with only random noise observed; the higher ISOs steadily plunged those details into random noise, as one might expect.

Interesting... So you say no banding like those earlier samples. That banding was slight but still noticeable - or you don't consider it noticeable?

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No, I said that I tried and failed to find banding, not that there wasn't any.

In test shots with the D5200 under rather ridiculous conditions (low ISO shots of the inside of a lens cap, for example, or of the darkest reaches of light-trap like ceilings), I did see very subtle banding, but only at the very darkest levels and only when using Lightroom.  In my later tests with the D7100, I couldn't see any, but I couldn't push the full 5 stops possible with LR - only what VNX2 would allow with full EC and D-lighting (probably about 4).  I'm not disputing what you observed.  One of the things I've become a little wary of is trying to edit these images on software that doesn't officially support the camera.  As of right now, it appears that only VNX2 2.7.4 does.

I don't doubt that there is some banding going on in the D7100; there has to be, it's the same sensor as the D5200. I just couldn't see it with a normally-exposed capture of a high-DR scene at any ISO I tried today, which made me feel that the rodents we are chasing are not rats but very tiny mice.

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