Need recommendations for software to let me review and crop images FAST

Started Mar 18, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Need recommendations for software to let me review and crop images FAST

cashcashcash wrote:

I'm going through a few thousand pictures and I'm looking for some software that can help me do this quickly. Currently I'm using FastStone.

What I'd like is software that will let me go through a folder of pictures and do the following 1. pre-load a number of pictures so it's quick going from pic to pic; 2. QUICKLY delete a picture. 3. quickly crop a picture and quickly save a cropped image.

With 7000 pics, even a few seconds saved in deleting photos can be a big time savings. Faststone takes about 6-8 seconds to delete one phot (and I do have confirmation turned off)

Also, it would be nice if this software was free or pretty cheap. Not looking for any other particular features, just need to review mass amounts of pictures, quickly delting what I don't want and bing able to quickly crop what I do want.

I've been using this program for cropping. I use it when I need to crop a bunch of photos for a digital picture frame or a certain aspect ratio for a video project. You crop and save and it automatically loads the next photo. You can also batch process with the same crop.

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