Why use Pentax?

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Please, Please, Tell Me More!

Hi everyone!  I hope i am welcome here.  Like jake, i am also open to discover new things and options.  This is actually my very FIRST time i take a peak here into the Pentax forum.  I can say that i got into photography only about 8 years ago because of my first born, and since then i have never stopped shooting.  My cameras since then have been the Nikon D200/F5/D7000.  A couple of months ago i sold my D7000, it was okay, very good camera but i never really liked the jpegs(i am mainly a jpeg shooter) and didn't find the punch on the photos, very difficult camera to operate in general, mainly the AF and exposure part of it.

About a month ago or so, i went ahead and bought Fuji S5 PRO and i am in LOVE with it, not selling, it is a keeper.  I am using my nikon lenses on it, that's one of the advantages that i have by buying this one, which is fantastic, i already know each of my lenses and didn't have to spend money.  BUT, i am also considering the new D7100, which people are already saying that it is A LOT better than the D7000, specially the AF.  So the D7100 is on my top list currently, again, mainly because i have pretty good Nikon lenses already, BUT, again, i am "open" to other things since i haven't taken my credit card out yet.

Some have said here that they really like their pentax and would not switch, "although their pentax camera frustrates them".  What is it that Pentax causes you to feel frustrated??  Also i have read that Pentax flash system is not the greatest.  What exactly does that mean?  i don't do studio work and really don't use multiple flashes, just my mounted one, can someone provide more detail what it means by a not so great flash system vs. Nikon?

Also, does a K5II have an optional battery grip?

Is the AF slow/inacurate in this cameras?  Is there backfocusing experiences with K5II?

Does the K5II have video capability?  How good is it?

Is there already a rumored K7 comming out soon?

The more details you provide the better for me :-).  I saw some of the photo gallery provided in the begining and i will say that i have been impressed by them, i am not sure if those are RAW or jpegs but they look fantastic and VERY sharp detailed photos.  I was looking at the newer Fuji cameras but they are just too expensive for my taste, and way too small for me.


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