Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

Definitely not wanting to follow the crowd was a MAJOR consideration. But also at the time I was first looking at DSLR's (2006), there were not very many models to choose from. I decided on a Pentax *istDL over the Rebel XT also because:

- It was better built (by far) with the stainless steel chassis. It felt sturdy but was not heavy or large.

- It had a much larger LCD (2.5" compared to 1.8") with higher resolution

- It had customizable ISO and other settings

- It had a larger sensor which helped to compete with the benefits of the extra MP and the CMOS of the XT.

- It had a larger viewfinder

- It had an ISO 3200 max vs 1600

- The kit lens was substantially better (not just optically, but most esp. in build quality). So much so that was one of the first things my friend who had a Rebel commented on when he first saw my DL.

- It was substantially less money. For me at the time that was huge. I was just beginning to dabble with the idea of a DSLR, and the fact it had all the advantages listed above AND was much cheaper to boot......that was a deal clincher for me. If the DL was not available at that time, I would have been relegated to my Sony W1 and Pany FZ5 for quite awhile longer (both very good point and shoots however).

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