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Re: Why can't Windows just work?

Archer66 wrote:

Oly Canikon wrote:

Archer66 wrote:

Oly Canikon wrote:
I'll quote you for the usability issue.

"launch the applications from the windows 8 desktop...everything will behave like windows 7. There's an icon on the start screen to take you there."

And the issue is ?

The issue is that W8 gets in the way of those who use windows in the desktop mode ie. multiple windows.

Well, if a user finds it too hard to press Windows key or click a tile then he/she really shouldnt use a computer at all.

You can bet MS won't get many businesses upgrading to W8.

Microsoft knows that businesses skips version so those businesses that just upgraded from XP to Windows 7 won't upgrade to Windows 8 in any case. They use Windows 8 to familiarize users so when businesses upgrade to Windows 9 it's nothing new anymore.

It is more like MS makes an unusable OS every second release.

But I agree that W8 isn't all that bad, in fact it is quite good. However it is still a flop in the marketplace. A very simple change to the UI would have made all of the difference. Big mistake on their part.

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