Exposure basics, lesson two

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Re: Connections

texinwien wrote:  Interesting. Some posters think that the discrepancy between the E-M5 Camera ISO Settings and the DxO "Measured ISO" or saturation-based sensitivity measures would somehow allow Olympus to make it appear as though the E-M5 has better noise performance at any given camera ISO Setting than it actually has at that setting.

Yes, I have read the same thing many times.  It appears that if one wanted to capture the very same tonal range from a scene with the EM5 and the G3, same exposure and all, one would have to set the EM5 at in-camera ISO 3200 while the G3 at in-camera ISO 1600, with roughly similar resulting SNR (EM5 slightly better as per DxO).  On the other hand, if one set both at 3200 maintaining the same exposure they would no longer be directly comparable, but the G3 would appear noisier to a naive observer.

Oh well, such are the issues with inconsistent ISO labelling by vendors.

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