survey q's to ask class of 2014?

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Re: once again you're SO SILLY!

I'm wearing a ford shirt, handing you ford coupons and asking you to pick your favorite ford...then I ask you to name a car company....I bet you say ford every time. Pointless survey then.
If I ask them to name 2 or 3 photogs then the second/third responses may have validity. Perhaps there is some value to having them think of me and them at the same time?
I understand kids go to hollister (nearest one is an hour away) and AE and aeropostale, etc. Been there, looked at them, what they show, do smell like, music, etc.
But each market is different - here is RURAL. Our local mall is partly empty, old navy couldn't stay open over a year. We might have a hot topic - I don't know - I've been to the mall - ANY mall, 3 times in the past year.  See, I'm NOT a teenager and don't go there, do that.
Perhaps I should ask where they shop? But I don't know from the survey forms if it's the head cheeleader of the fat geeky kid whose answering. I don't know if it's the poor kid or the rich kid that's answering.  So while i know my target market here, that is a very small market.  I Have a very very mixed market - very. As I said, tractors and hip hop...not enough of either market to make a living, so I have to find a happy medium and try to draw all the kids, or double my prices and hope I keep the same cust count - unlikely of course.

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