Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

Wow! I am amazed at the response my question had returned. Thanks everyone

I used to think I was unqiue with a Nikon because my two friends have Canons, as well as both of my brothers, three of my wife's cousins and not to mention every wedding photographer I've seen in the last two years.

I don't tend to see Nikons and even though I am fairly happy with my D5100, as I gain experience and know-how, I begin to see limitations in its design which was obviously catered to the crowd who tends to shoot in Auto mode. The more I use it, the less it feels like a photographer's camera. The flip out screen, video modes, art modes, scene modes, lack of dedicated buttons, no in-body motor, no dual control dials, no weather sealing all make it feel like 50% photo-camera, 30% camcorder and 20% toy. It takes great pictures but it has so many features that someone who is trully interested in photography doesn't need(and in my case, never uses).

Before I posed this question earlier today, I felt that Pentax were severely lacking when compared to the competition but now I am begining to see that they are photography cameras and only photography cameras. Yes, they have video modes and some fun little art features but they are often not as developed as those on Nikon and Canon. If I wanted to make movies, I'd get a camcorder. If I wanted to make funky art with my photos, I'd use computer software on a screen that's bigger than 3 inches.  I'd gladly sacrifice the flipout screen, for an extra control dial or even an extra button on the back so I can directly access. It also seems that professional reviewers highlight a lack of feature with the K-30, for example, as a determental factor in purchasing it. Who cares if there is no dedicated video button? You have an additional scroll dial. Who cares if there is no mic input. You get a pentamirror with 100 percent coverage.

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