MAC users, Aperture 3 or Lightroom 4?

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Trying them both is a great approach. I would go through full workflow with each though, because workflow is how you will spend your real time with the software. Lightroom's workflow isn't necessarily intuitive at first, but it is incredibly powerful once you find what works for you. The Select-Candidate comparison tool is awesome. I probably spend more time in that than anything. Think of it, you take six similar shots. How do you really choose which is best?

Also, don't get too caught up on the default look of any RAW converter for your camera. Just make sure you can get the look you want. You then save it as the default for your camera. I think all RAW converters are capable of almost indistinguishable output, but each has its default look, what the engineers liked, for each camera.

The thing to test in conversion is how you can "push" an image, recovering shadows, highlights, etc.

Finally, consider your archive RAW strategy. How long will your ARW files be supported by software? Would DNG be a better long-term strategy (I think yes, but it is unprovable and many words have been spilled over the debate)? I don't know whether or not Aperture supports DNG. It may.

Good luck with the choice. Either way you will have the benefits of shooting RAW.

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