Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

I bought into Pentax digitally because I was a Pentax film camera user. It was during the days of the K10, and for me at that time it was between Pentax and Sony.

I chose Pentax because:

1. Handling/settings - I think one thing that shows me the ease-of-use of Pentax over any other camera system is how white balance is handled. You can take a picture and then toggle through WB settings, seeing how it would affect that last photo. Even in the presets, you can fine tune the white balance. I have used Nikon and Canons, and it seems like even six years later that the other camera systems have not caught on.

When it comes to other settings as well, Pentax just seems to have a setup that makes more sense to me. Even though they changed the menus (now having  windows for each group of controls, instead of a scroll) It still makes sense.

2. Sensor shift - Why I was narrowed between Sony and Pentax was sensor shift versus lens-based stabilization. Then, all vibration reduction lenses were twice as much as non-vibration lenses, and it  just seemed cheaper to get that for every lens I own.

3. Weather-sealing - Pentax had the most weather-sealed cameras on the market. I have never worried about conditions affecting my camera, never had it freeze up, not something I can say peers of mine could do with earlier Nikon Dx00 models (something negated in most recent offerings).

4. Legacy lenses - I knew when I got my K10 I could use all my manual lenses from my film camera, no adapter required. I changed out my focusing screen, and it was like I was back shooting with my ME Super (granted, the K10 is bulkier and heavier). Still, everything I had could still be used, meaning if I just through my A 50mm 1.4 in my bag, I was set instead of buying an AF version.

When I bought my K10, it and the beloved Sony A700 pretty much split all of the awards that season. I have not regretted buying into the system, and my girlfriend bought a Kx for photography classes. In a class filled with Rebels, she was glad she had purchased it because it was more advantageous. Whereas the Rebel users needed software to get their pics off the cameras and onto the school's Macs, she did not. It had HDR settings, wireless flash controls built in, and a number of features those other cameras did not.

I often get asked what camera to buy, and I first tell people that there is no wrong system - they each have their strengths and weaknesses. I still recommend Pentax. Sure, we Pentaxians take pride in not being the mass-market camera, but I would never choose a camera because its considered niche.

If I was making my choice today, I would likely be between Nikon and Pentax, as Sony's choice for the pellicle mirror, to me, seems like it reduces the amount of light getting to the sensor. I think the D7100 is a killer setup, and I hope Pentax answers it sooner rather than later.

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