Has anyone that shoots sports compared D7100 to D300s?

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Re: Has anyone that shoots sports compared D7100 to D300s?

Kerry Pierce wrote:

The Kelby video is interesting, but it looks more like a Nikon infomercial, than a good review to me. I'd still like to see some good comparison shots between the d300, d7k and/or d7100. I would expect to have to use the fastest memory cards available, but would also still expect to run into buffer problems at times. Jim Pearce will have a d7100 soon. He's a bird shooter that will have some good info on a lot of this stuff soon after. He won't sugar-coat his findings, IMO. So, I'd suggest waiting for a week or so for his posts on it.

I felt the same way about the Kelby video... it did seem to be a little over-the-top.  Either that, or he was really impressed.  Impossible to tell which since he was apparently getting special treatment from Nikon with an early release of the lens and possibly the camera.

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