Has anyone that shoots sports compared D7100 to D300s?

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Kerry Pierce
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Re: Has anyone that shoots sports compared D7100 to D300s?

gary stepic wrote:

That is my concern as well. In theory I should wait to at least August but I know me and I probably will buy the camera way before then. I do want to get more opinions from other photographers and I will watch the Kelby video, but so far I am optomistic I will like the camera. The biggest complaint I have seen concerning specs is the smaller buffer. But in practice I don't think that will be a huge problem because it is not very often I keep my finger on the trigger, and if I do waiting longer for the photos to write to a card will not prevent me from missing the next play or possesion. It could be a bit of a problem for soccer, boxing, or other sports where there is no break in the action. But for those sports I typically never keep my finger on the shutter anyway. The few times I do keep my finger on the trigger is when someone is coming at me for a break away dunk, for example.

The Kelby video is interesting, but it looks more like a Nikon infomercial, than a good review to me. I'd still like to see some good comparison shots between the d300, d7k and/or d7100. I would expect to have to use the fastest memory cards available, but would also still expect to run into buffer problems at times.  Jim Pearce will have a d7100 soon. He's a bird shooter that will have some good info on a lot of this stuff soon after.  He won't sugar-coat his findings, IMO. So, I'd suggest waiting for a week or so for his posts on it.


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