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Re: Opinion/Bias ruined the review.

rrr_hhh wrote:

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Dave Sanders wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

Dave Sanders wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

Since the GH3 is very customizable, for many easy to use, I think he let his bias take over the review. It is pretty obvious.

For the record, I think the GH3 is much easier to hold and use than the E-M5 and even NEX7, but that is only an opinion too. I would say for anyone shooting stills only, go for the E-M5.

This is almost comical. It's OK for you to have a stated preference but not him? He loves the IQ, dislikes the ergonomics. Sorry, is he not allowed to talk of the GH3 in anything but hushed tones and glowing praise? You love to hold and use your GH3 in comparison to the E-M5...how is that any different than what he said?

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Dave Sanders

Either you don't understand that my complaint is he is passing off his opinion as fact, or you missed where I said about my comments, "only an opinion too".

No, I'm pretty sure I got exactly what you said as you've just repeated it. Ming Thein is passing off his opinion as opinion, just as you are. He doesn't like the ergonomics of the camera. That is his main complaint, and it is his subjective opinion.

Except he goes out of his way to say things like, "it’s not a personal bias". He keeps trying to pass off option as fact.

Again, he clearly has bias and his biggest complaints were subjective.

You don't say. And yes, he's biased: biased towards things he likes to use.

Then why does he say, "it’s not a personal bias"?

I hope you can see the difference between admitting what you are saying is only an opinion and trying claim your opinion is fact.

To everyone else, the more I read the review the funnier it gets. He says, "Finally, there’s the size issue. I just can’t figure out why the GH3 has to be so much larger than the OM-D when ostensibly, it contains the same innards. " Of course most complaints about the EM5 seem to be about the small buttons, virtually no grip, lack of a built-in flash, etc.

Seriously? He can't figure out why some people might want a larger camera with a more comfortable grip? In the other forums (Nikon/Canon DSLR) some think the GH3 is still too small. Heck, in the Oly DSLR forum many love the size of the E-5 and dislike smaller camera. Different people like different things.

Exactly, those who wants bigger cameras have a wealth of choices already ! The strength of MFT is size and weight.. The GH3 is getting a lot of criticism in this matters, because most of those who chose MFT did so for the smaller size. If size continues to grow in MFT there will soon be too much to give up with respect to the size advantage And then t will be back to DSLRs, especially if they become smaller with an E-VF, like the Sony SLT.

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Very true. The GH3 is just at the edge of a body that would fit in the m4/3 system. I don't know why Panasonic so deliberately deviated from a successful body concept like the GH2. They did similar things when moving from G2 to G3, only having to correct almost everything again with the G5. Alienating a good portion of loyal G/GH users for various reasons with the GH3 forces them to turn around to the E-M5. The crowds moving from GH2 to E-M5 are quite numerous, judging from forum posts in several places.

Trying the GH3 feels at first glance quite comfortable, but after a while, you get uncomfortable and think, hay, didn't I want to give up this bulk?

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