when i get a m4/3 camera.. i may need some CA help..

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Re: when i get a m4/3 camera.. i may need some CA help..

Bob Tullis wrote:

I'd still recommend LR, but didn't want to question your reasons for sticking with Elements. Whatever works for you works best. [g]

Well, i dont keep all my pics on my PC.. so i dont see the value of clogging up my pc with lightroom... although i hear, the raw stuff is good... maybe i should get LR anyway ? all my post is done in Elements...

as to why i use Elements, i find it does basically what i need.. There are features of the full photoshop which would be great to have.. but again.. i used to use CS-7 (long time ago .. so thats not CS7.. its CS MINUS 7...

found it slow and lots of tools and stuff i didnt need.. 95% of my stuff is for my albums, so i need the usual Levels, Layers, and Masks ... dont need much more...

actually Layer Masks have been in Elements since a few years... the CURVES capability is crappy and so is the RAW to a point....

unless you say something like "The full photoshop can do XXX which i find invaluable and not available in Elements...

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