MAC users, Aperture 3 or Lightroom 4?

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Re: MAC users, Aperture 3 or Lightroom 4?

I started with Aperture, but moved to Lightroom at version 2. Aperture was slow back then and Lightroom was actually faster. My biggest concern though was making my RAW library more future proof. I'm an Apple stock holder and have a house full of Apple devices, but Apple is a hardware company and I just couldn't be sure they would stick with Aperture. So far they have, and that is great, but Adobe is really committed to digital photography as part of its business model. I now use DNG because it is more portable between systems and am really happy with the advancements in Lightroom 4.

Another advantage is the huge community of users. When I need a lens profile, someone probably made one and shared it. When I need a preset, same thing. When I need help, someone has the answer.

The disadvantage is that Lightroom is not integrated with the other Apple apps, but I have a simple solution to that. After I'm finished processing in Lightroom, I have a saved workflow to export jpegs to iPhoto. That way I keep two versions of every photo, the RAW and the digital print, or jpeg. Having them in iPhoto makes it easy to get them on iOS devices, use in iMovie, etc.


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