Fashion photography on the street

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Re: Fashion photography on the street

DenWil wrote:

BAK wrote:

Nicjk Didlick, drew the attention of his Twitter followers to this video about street photography of fashion.

I had no idea how this concept had taken hold.


This is not a concept. This is not anything. Have a clown walk an elephant through a crowd of tourists or at an event where paparazzi are staked out and lots of bad images will be the result.

Everyone I know would photograph a clown walking an elephant down my street because it would be really unusual. Few people I know would do the same if such happened outside of a circus.

This is folks desperate to make a connection with a world they are excluded from and that their blogging gives them self endowed relevance.

Many of the photographers shooting couldn't care less about "connecting" to anything, but rather see it as boosting their website and affiliate earnings. There are scores of excellent shots that are taken on the streets just as there are many bad shots. The bottom line is that there are many Joe Snuffys out there with blogs that are able to get an increased number of "clicks" with the photographs which translates into dollars.

Too many gold stars handed out at kindergarten leads to deluded adults who walk around saying, this means something...

Some photographers take shots just to take them and feel great that they got a shot of a model. Others are there purely for the purpose of money. The bottom line is that the number of blogs today that make enough money to actually bills and mortgages is compelling and growing.

I do think today's practice of handing out gold stars and trophies to every kid is ridiculous... but I homeschool, my kiddos don't get silly stars- they know that the only thing that counts is course rigor and gpa

Thanks to the OP for linking-  what a circus eh?

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