Ming Thein reviews the GH3

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You need to work on your quoting skills

Just Having Fun wrote:


Bias: a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment

First you put quotes around words that Ming Thein didn't say and then said he had said them.

Now you're quoting half of a dictionary definition, and only the second, less important half of it, while leaving the first half off. Here's the whole definition that you should have kept intact:

Biasan inclination of temperament or outlook; especially : a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment : prejudice

The part after 'especially' is a clarification, a secondary and less important part of the definition than the part you left out.

The fact that he first went on a rant about several subjective things (it is almost like 1/2 the review is about the UI) and then claimed it was not "personal bias" explains what was going on.

Opinion is subjective, bias is not the same as opinion, reviews are expected to contain opinion.

Not really a whole lot more to say here.

Clearly is was a personal judgment

Totally - nothing wrong with that, and 'personal judgment' is not the same as 'bias' without the most important part, 'an inclination of temperament or outlook'.

and if you read the parts about video, etc. many will say, "sometimes unreasoned".

Perhaps they would, but again, a personal judgment, whether unreasoned or not, does not a bias make. The important part is the 'inclination'.


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