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Re: Would someone kindly educate me please?

Rod McD wrote:

Hi Daniel.

Thx. I haven't used a bigger accessory button, but I doubt the theory purely on the basis of the physics. If the camera's own button requires a given force to press it far enough against the spring resistance to trigger the shutter, then it requires that amount of force no matter how big the button. What changes if a bigger button is installed over a smaller one is the pressure per unit area across the surface of the bigger button. So, the resistance per unit area on our finger tip is less, but the force accumulated over the contacted area achieves the same level. If it didn't, the shutter simply wouldn't fire.

I could understand people raving about this if camera manufacturers were sadistic enough to install a sharp little button, but in my experience the buttons have been comfortable enough. That's just me of course.

What's really interesting about many of the posts in this thread is that the posters were significantly concerned with how their camera looked, whether it was 'cool', etc. Sounds like Fuji being seen as bling to me - the camera as object rather than a tool for a purpose.

I'm looking at getting an XE1 or XE2, but I might skip the little wooden button......

Cheers, Rod

Since you mentioned physics, the opoosite would be a needle, so when you press a needle like button, just big enough not to pierce your skin, would you think that there is the same kind of camera shake involved vs using one of those soft buttons??

Tactile elements can IMO opinion contribute to the handling of a tool. (I won't get one btw, but can see there might be a point for some...) so in your opinion, a hammer is a hammer and a handle is a handle if it does the trick, right??

Just saying .. you have of course used one and know what you are talking about?? *justteasing ... don't take this too seriously*



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