Ming Thein reviews the GH3

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Re: One size does NOT fit all

EPPaar wrote:

The one stupid comment that keeps appearing in these forms is the looks of the camera. The job of a camera is to take beautiful pictures not be a beautiful picture. In any case, this a matter of individual taste and really should not be a factor in choosing a photographic tool.

If you have two cameras, either of which meet your needs, and one looks good to you and one is plug ugly, why not choose the better looking one?  I think it's unrealiistic to expect that photographers, who almost by definition appreciate/seek beauty, won't appreciate the aesthetics and beauty of industrial design objects.

The same debate about one's tools exists in many areas.  Check out a guitar forum sometime, where players comment on fancy woods or inlays.  Some are appalled at the idea because they don't contribute to tone or playability.  Others like having an instrument that is beautiful as well as functional.  The two views can coexist.

As you say, looks are a matter of individual taste, but so, too, is the extent to which looks matter.

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