Ming Thein reviews the GH3

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clengman wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:


Bias: a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment

The fact that he first went on a rant about several subjective things (it is almost like 1/2 the review is about the UI) and then claimed it was not "personal bias" explains what was going on.

Clearly is was a personal judgment and if you read the parts about video, etc. many will say, "sometimes unreasoned".

So when he says that he has no personal bias. He's simply saying that he did not make any prejudgements based on personal feelings.

So you think going into the review he didn't feel he preferred the smaller cameras?

And then when he said, "I just can’t figure out why the GH3 has to be so much larger than the OM-D", he forgot that the biggest complaints against the OMD were the tiny buttons, lack of a grip, and no internal flash....but then talks about how " The battery does hold around 50% more juice.   Strangely he never comments on if the GH3 is easier to hold (or if he likes it) than the EM5, but does mention that a "general feel in the hand" is important.

He for some reason really overlooked and forgot to mention a lot of things. 

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